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WATCH: Kamala Harris Asks NASA One Of The Stupidest Questions Ever: ‘Can You Use Satellites To Measure Trees By RACE For Environmental Justice?’

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Kamala Harris is a very special vice president don’t you think? Special. And she asked a very special question, interrupting a NASA presentation to do it, on the issue of tree justice.

That’s right, she wanted to know if NASA can use satellites to “track” how many trees there are on a neighborhood by neighborhood level, with those neighborhoods being apportioned by race, for the sake of environmental justice.

That’s me typing it out long for you, the way she said it wasn’t so words good.

Why would you ever need to know this, is the first good question. The second is: do you really need satellites to know this? Come on.

This guy has the perfect job for Kamala.

This is not a serious question. This is not a serious woman. This is not a serious country while Democrats are in charge.

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