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Mother of Loudoun County School Rapist Claims It Was All Just An ‘Accident’

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According to the mother of an accused Loudoun County rapist, her son assaulted and raped a girl in a high school bathroom by accident, the Daily Mail reported.

Get that?  It was just an ACCIDENT!

Sparing the graphic details of the case, which have been widely reported elsewhere, the boy’s mother attempted to defend him from two factual claims: first, that he is transgender; second, that he is a rapist.

Her 15-year-old son — a professed “pansexual” — dressed as a female then raped a female classmate in the girls’ bathroom of the school.

But according to his mother, his exploration of “sexual identity” was only an attempt to “find himself,” which involved “all kinds of styles,” like wearing a “skirt one day” and “jeans and a t-shirt the next.”

She defended him on the grounds that he is a relatively normal teenage boy.

“He’s a 15-year-old boy that wanted to have sex in the bathroom, with somebody that was willing,” she said before claiming that her son’s deviant behavior was being politicized.

“[T]hey’re twisting this just enough to make it a political hot button issue,” she suggested.

The boy’s mother also claimed that the victim should have fought back harder in response to the rape.

“If I was in a position where I was about to be raped, I would be screaming, kicking, everything,” she said. “You’re 15. You can reasonably defend yourself.”

“You’re not just going to sit there and take it,” she said. “And so, because there wasn’t a presence of a fight, he felt it was okay to keep going.”

The story exploded when the father of the rape victim, Scott Smith, was thrown out of a school board meeting after the board denied that the rape had taken place.

This prompted Democrats to double-down on their claims that parents should have no input as to their children’s education, branding parents who care as domestic terrorists.

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