WATCH: Rand Paul Vows To Put Dr. Fauci Behind Bars: ‘He Is a Threat to Civilization’

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Senator Rand Paul has vowed to bring Dr. Anthony Fauci to justice at an upcoming Senate hearing on Thursday because Fauci poses a very real threat to civilization.

Appearing on Fox Business Sunday, Paul declared “I don’t think Fauci is ever going to admit” to funding deadly gain of function research.

“You have seen Merrick Garland performing live, I don’t think he’s ever going to prosecute him,” Paul added.

“But this is a big, big question. If this came out of the lab in Wuhan, what if a worse virus comes out of a lab?”

The Senator warned, “There’s a professor at MIT, Kevin Esvelt, who’s not a partisan, who wrote in The Washington Post recently, not a conservative journal, but he wrote that this type of research could threaten civilization. And there hasn’t been one hearing.”

“They’re actually doing experiments as we speak with viruses that have 50 percent mortality. That shouldn’t be happening.”


After the admission from the National Institutes of Health recently that it did fund gain of function experiments on bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, a Rasmussen poll last week revealed that half (49%) of American voters believe Fauci lied about the U.S. funding gain of function virus research, with only a third saying they believe Fauci has told the truth.

Paul further noted that Fauci “continues to say, when asked, should we be funding this research? He says, yes, that’s where the viruses are, we should be funding research in China.”

“But he fails to address the question of whether or not the Chinese Communist Party, the generals in the lab, the military’s involvement in the lab, whether they’re to be trusted, and he fails to acknowledge that this could have come from the lab, and he continues to lie about the idea of whether gain-of-function research was going on,” Paul told viewers.

The Senator continued, “And his one pushback is this. He says, well, the viruses that we see could not molecularly be COVID. No one’s alleging that. So he’s saying something. He’s pushing back with a straw man argument, because we’re not alleging that.”

“The Chinese never told us the sequencing of that virus. So we don’t know anything about the virus that came from the lab, other than it looks like it could have been COVID-19,” he emphasised.

Paul further vowed to press for criminal investigations, explaining “My goodness, we are experimenting with something that could cause the demise of 15 percent of the planet. This needs to have a discussion. Not one hearing.”

“Democrats love Dr. Fauci so much that they will not have one hearing to investigate the origins of this virus,” Paul urged, adding “It’s hard with President Biden to know whether it’s corruption or incompetence.”

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