Minnesota School Board Tries To SILENCE Parents By Requiring Them To Give Their Home Address Before Being Allowed To Speak At Public Meetings

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Chris Rufo posted a video tonight from a school board meeting in Manako, Minnesota where the school board is requiring parents to reveal their addresses in order to address the school board:

The father in the video clearly doesn’t want to give his address, but school board member Jodi Sapp compels him to reveal his house number and street, or says he can’t speak.

Reluctantly, the father reveals it and Sapp repeats over the microphone for everyone to hear. Mission accomplished.

I think Rufo has it exactly right about this when he says it exposes parents “to potential harassment and property damage”. It is absolutely a despicable intimidation tactic by the school board to keep parents from speaking out. And if they do dare to speak out, activists will know where to find them.



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