WATCH: UK Prime Minister ADMITS Vaccines Don’t Protect You Against Catching Or Spreading COVID-19 Before Pushing Boosters

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has publicly admitted that the Covid vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission.

On Friday, Johnson told reporters that being double jabbed provided “a lot of protection against serious illness and death” but did not protect against “catching the disease” or “passing it on”.

He then went on to promote the booster jabs saying they were ‘fantastic’.

He said: “So the message is that the boosters are fantastic. The levels of protection are really very high, but it’s also very, very important that you get one because the double vaccination provides a lot of protection against serious illness and death but it doesn’t protect you against catching the disease, and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on. So now is the time to get your booster.”

The Daily Sceptic asks: But if being double-vaccinated doesn’t prevent you being infected or transmitting the virus after just a few months, why will a booster be much better? Why is it so important to prevent transmission and infection through boosters anyway, when protection against serious illness and death is holding up well and that’s all that really matters?

Another question for the Prime Minster: What now is the point of vaccine passports and mandates? Why sack hundreds of thousands of care home workers and health care staff who decline vaccination, most of whom have served faithfully throughout the pandemic, if vaccination makes no difference to how infectious you are and so does not protect others?

Now that the Prime Minister himself has let the cat out of the bag on the vaccines not preventing spread, will the media start reporting on this data properly? And will the Government now join the dots and abandon vaccine coercion? We can but hope.

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