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CNN Camera Operator ARRESTED After Threatening To Murder Matt Gaetz And His Family

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Eugene “Gene” Huelsman, a long time camera operator for CNN, ABC, NBC, and others, has been arrested by authorities for threatening to kill Matt Gaetz and his family:

What’s amazing about this arrest is that the threat was made to Gaetz all the way back in January with an indictment coming down in May by a federal grand jury. Yet it wasn’t until now that Huelsman was arrested.

Here’s the terrible threat Huelsman left on Gaetz’s office voicemail on January 9th:

I’m glad they finally arrested this liberal thug but what the heck took so long?

By the way, Matt Gaetz posted this video to his Rumble account for everyone to see. He knows you won’t see this on CNN, ABC, NBC, or the other garbage networks.



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