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State Dept Finally ADMITS They Lied About The Number Of Americans Trapped In Afghanistan — ‘It’s Significantly Higher’

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Back in August, the State Department claimed that there were “roughly 100” Americans left in Afghanistan after the botched pull out.  Today they have admitted that that was a lie.

On Thursday the State Department finally gave Congress a definitive number on how many Americans that are still trapped in Afghanistan living in fear of their lives because our Coward-in-Chief left them behind, and it’s a lot higher than the “100” previously stated:

Here it is the end of October and 363 Americans are still living in fear of being captured or killed by the Taliban. And this is after they’ve gotten 349 already. Which means when they told us the estimates were around 100, it was really over 700, and probably much higher when you account for family members.

Regarding the 176 Americans who the State Department says ‘wants to leave’, Ed Morrisey writes that they aren’t telling the truth about this:

Even the “wants to leave” claim is an obfuscation. The Americans who aren’t ready to leave are mostly those being held back by their relatives’ non-visa status with the State Department. They won’t leave family members behind, but the State Department is making it sound as though they are staying by choice. It’s absurd, and it’s a disgrace.

The Biden administration has been saying ‘wants to leave’ for months now and it’s always been ridiculous on its face. No one wants to stay in the hell hole that Biden created in Afghanistan, not even Afghans.



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