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Leaked Audio Reveals DOJ Officials MOCKING Americans Who Oppose Vaccines On Religious Grounds — ‘They Aren’t Sincere’

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Last night, newly leaked audio from a Department of Justice officer reveals the contempt they have for religious Americans.

In a phone call with the White House on enforcing the vaccine mandate with federal employees, a DOJ official mockingly suggests that religious exemption requests over the use of aborted fetal cell testing with COVID vaccines are not sincere:

They begrudgingly explain to the White House that even if the exemption request by a government employee is “not sincere” or “sincere but not religious,” they will still have to take the requester’s word that it is a truly held belief.

But not in all cases, he says, as he relays how some hospitals are challenging these requests by arguing that Tylenol, Tums, and Preparation H also had aborted fetal cell testing.

It sounds like the DOJ official is saying that it’s going to be difficult to deny an exemption like this in most cases, but they should give it a good old college try.

Listen to the audio for more…

This morning Posobiec wrote that the Biden administration is freaking out about who is leaking this:

Here’s a few responses to the audio:



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