WATCH: 6th Grade Student Secretly Records Teacher Pushing CRT To Students — ‘If You’re Not An Anti-Racist, You’re A Racist’

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Despite previous guarantees from school officials to parents that it would not happen in the district’s schools, video has emerged of a teacher at an Ohio high school discussing books and topics closely related with so-called “critical race theory.”

The video appears to show a teacher lecturing students about how not participating in anti-racist movement implies that Americans are encouraging racism. It was purportedly secretly recorded by a sixth grade student at Franklin Woods Intermediate School.

The teacher admits to being an ‘activist’ and points to the book “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You” written by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi, key figures in the CRT movement.

The teacher says “Some people might call it racist. It’s actually three categories, if you read the book ‘Stamped’ you’ll hear that there’s three areas. There’s anti-racist which is a person who works to end racism. An activist, someone who is active, and that’s what I was trying to be. I was reading books, I was going to rallies, I was trying to be in that group.”

The teacher continues, “Then there’s the opposite which is someone who is racist, who discriminates against people of a certain group and that sort of thing.”

“But then there’s the middle group,” the teacher continues, adding “A middle group is what most people are. Most people don’t actively work to end racism, and most people don’t work to be in the racist group. So most people are in that middle group, called an ‘assimilationist.’ An assimilationist doesn’t actively work to end it, and doesn’t work to be in the racist group.”


As noted in the original Twitter post, Superintendent Bill Wise previously assured parents on a Zoom school board meeting that CRT wasn’t being taught in Ohio schools:

It was recently revealed that the Biden government planned to target angry parents who have spoken out against critical race theory being taught to their children with anti-terrorism policies.

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