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WATCH: Mayor Lightfoot LOSES IT, Accuses Police Of Trying To ‘Incite An Insurrection’ For Simply Opposing Vaccine Mandate

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The leftist mayor of Chicago actually accused the Fraternal Order of Police of trying to “induce an insurrection” for simply opposing the vaccine mandate.

Welcome to crazy town.

A reporter asked the Democrat on Monday about the Fraternal Order of Police’s refusal to back Chicago’s vaccine mandate for city employees.

“What we’ve seen from the Fraternal Order of Police, in particular leadership, is a lot of misinformation, a lot of half-truths, and, frankly, flat out lies in order to induce an insurrection . And we’re not having that,” Lightfoot told reporters. “And so we want to make it very, very clear that the law is on our side. We feel very confident about it.”

Lightfoot also explained why the city has taken legal action against the police union.

“So you ask the question of why the lawsuit,” she started. “Because we believe that the FOP leadership is trying to foment an illegal work stoppage, a strike, pure and simple. We’ve laid that out in the materials. And we’re not having that. The contract is clear.”

A judge ordered Chicago FOP President John Catanzara to cease using social media to instruct officers to defy the city’s vaccine mandate, the Chicago Sun Times reported .

Last week, Catanzara called for officers to not comply with the city’s vaccine mandate.

“I’ve made my status very clear as far as the vaccine, but I do not believe the city has the authority to mandate that to anybody — let alone that information about your medical history,” Catanzara said in a video announcement to the officers his union represents.

“I can guarantee you that no-pay status will not last more than 30 days,” he continued. “There’s no way they’re going to be able to sustain a police department workforce at 50% capacity or less for more than seven days without something budging.”


What’s amazing about this is that they are the ones enforcing a vaccine mandate and the mere opposition of it means they are trying to get officers to unlawfully strike or to form some kind of insurrection. These people are just sick.

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