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WATCH: Joe Biden Caught On Camera Flaunting His Elitism As He Violates DC Mask Mandate

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This story, as you know, speaks for itself. Whether it’s lecturing about climate change from their private jets, tweeting at everyone to remain at home while getting their hair done, or hitting the fancy social scene without a mask while MANDATING them for everyone else, the elites are always about do as I say, not as I do.

It happens all the time, from mayors to city council members to state leaders to members of Congress to governors, all the way up to our national embarrassment Joe Biden.

Just to be clear, that’s maskless walking in, maskless during, and maskless walking out.

I repeat, maskless on the way in, maskless while inside, and maskless on the way out.

Is there anyone at all surprised? ANYONE? Tell us in the comments, I’m making this another open thread.



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