WATCH: Pfizer Scientist Admits In Undercover Video That Vaccines Don’t Work For Everyone And Company Ignored Findings

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Project Veritas caught a Pfizer scientist admitting that the vaccination might not work in everyone, telling their undercover reporter that the vaccine had failed in one case and the corporation had dismissed it.

According to Pfizer scientist Nick Karl, in the first experiment he conducted, a participant was given the vaccine twice and had no antibody response.

Karl questioned whether the sample had been labeled incorrectly, but his employer didn’t seem to mind and refused to allow him look into it further.

“I guess there’s a small percentage where it just doesn’t work,” Karl said, implying that the vaccine might not function in some people.

“I guess so, dude, I just don’t know,” Karl responded when asked by the undercover reporter about whether it doesn’t work in certain people. I’m not sure how to respond to that question. “Looks like it didn’t work….whatever,” my supervisor said.


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