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WATCH: Pilots Speak Out Against Fascist Vaccine Mandates — ‘We Will Not Comply.. And The Economy Will Suffer!’

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Two more U.S. pilots have blown the whistle against airlines attempting to roll out vaccine mandates in the wake of Southwest airlines cancelling thousands of flights.

Speaking with Tucker Carlson Tuesday night, Joshua Yoder, commercial pilot and co-founder of US Freedom Flyers, warned “I am not going to take a mandate. I am not going to be coerced into doing something I don’t believe in.”

“I believe in freedom,” he added. “I’m here to support the freedom of my fellow employees and all people across this country.”

Explaining why he is against the mandates, Yoder declared, “My motive for resisting it is primarily religious for myself. Among my friends I saw a need. Many of us don’t want to take this. People were being coerced.”

“We have all the control and the control comes from a simple word, and that’s ‘no,’” Yoder noted, adding “We just don’t need to comply.”

He warned that if airlines try to force vaccines on pilots as per the government’s mandate, there will be a huge knock on effect on distribution and the shipping industry.

“The transportation sector is the heart and soul of this country. It’s a very delicate system. If there’s a disruption in one part of the system, it has a catastrophic effect among the rest of the systems which is going to effect commerce, it’s going to effect trade,” Yoder explained.

“If you have flights reduced by 30% because 30% of pilots are fired because they won’t take the vaccine, this is going to affect how your goods get here from overseas, how they are distributed to the store,” he said.

Yoder added, “The same thing is happening with the truckers, it’s happening in the shipping industry. Those Amazon boxes that typically show up in two days, you might be looking at three weeks.”

“If these companies fire us and they fire 30% of the workforce, aircraft are going to stop moving and it’s going to affect you. It’s going to affect your air travel and it’s going to affect the economy,” Yoder further warned.


Speaking with Fox & Friends earlier in the day, commercial airline pilot Shawn Walker said he will not go along with the vaccine “ultimatum” for his employer, who he chose not to name on air.

“My wife and I, we looked at the research, we spoke with our medical professionals and we don’t believe it’s right for us,” Walker said.

He added, “We believe we have a choice, and we should have a choice. And so we’re going to continue working with groups like US Freedom Flyers to help all Americans who feel an ultimatum is not the right way to go about this.”

Speaking of his fellow pilots, Walker noted “They’re scared. Some of them are single dads, and they’re in a situation where they’re like, ‘Man, if I don’t, if I don’t succumb to this dictatorship, if you will, I may not be able to feed my children.’”

“People are frightened from the airline industry,” Walker continued, adding “They want to speak out. But there again, we can be attacked by our companies, we can be attacked by other people.”

“My health and my medical choice is more important to me than my career at this point,” he emphasised, warning that mandating vaccines for airline staff is only the beginning.

“There’s even bills on the table, like H.R. 4980, that’s really going after the passengers. They’re trying to push something through that says all passengers leaving any airport in the US or territory is going to have to be vaccinated,” Walker warned.


Southwest Airlines continues to deny that thousands of flight cancellations are because pilots and staff staged a coordinated ‘sickout’ to protest against the vaccine mandates.

In a CNBC interview, CEO Gary Kelly again denied that flight cancellations were due to pilots revolting against vaccine mandates:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also rubbished the idea, and claimed vaccine mandates are “good for the economy”:

Her response prompted Carlson to respond “To say there is no evidence there is no evidence this is a direct result to standing up to Joe Biden’s mandates is a lie.”

“Lying, lying, lying… Over at the White House Biden’s top flack was doing what she does every day, lying, lying, lying…” Carlson added.


Also, this happened. Apparently:

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