WATCH: Trans-Female Get Triggered Because Sonic Employees Weren’t Fooled By His Woman Costume

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A biological male, who pretends that he’s a ‘she’ got all up in a tizzy after Sonic employees called him a ‘sir’ after reading his name on his credit card.

I guess they weren’t fooled by his woman costume.  Maybe try harder, buddy.

Here he is yelling at a manager in the parking lot:

The way Torres explains it, they employee called him ‘sir’ after reading his name on the credit card and that’s when he completely lost it. The manager explains that he has a male name on his card and that the employees are not transphobic. But Torres claims they were just being ‘assholes’ and that’s why they said it.

The whole situation is absurd because, in the first place, how is a sonic employee supposed to even know how someone wants to be addressed unless they are told. This employee didn’t know Torres, all they know was that he was dressed like a woman and had a male name on the card. For all they knew, he could be dressed up for a party or something, coming by Sonic to get some dinner before or after the party. Or whatever. To expect a person who doesn’t know anything about you to know what to call you is just insanity. This fool is nothing more than an activist trying to make a name for himself.

In the second place, it’s absurd simply because it’s absurd. Torres is a man pretending to be a woman under the ruse of ‘gender identity’. There is no such thing and he needs to stop imposing his psychosis on others.

But of course, Sonic has taken the bait and in the name of inclusion is launching a full investigation into the matter:



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