WATCH: CNN Makes The Dumbest Argument In History For $3.5T Spending Bill — ‘It Actually Won’t Cost Us $3.5T Because Taxes Will Pay For It.. It’s Like It’s Free!’

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Just when you thought the Democrat sycophants at CNN couldn’t get any dumber, they go and outdo themselves.

The Democrats are going all out for their $3.5 trillion monstrosity and no one seems to know what’s in it. But who cares, do we really need to know what’s in it?   It’s not like ACTUALLY spending “our” own money after all. This is the argument Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post pushed to a giddy Brian Stelter.

She’s now acting as if she’s saying the exact opposite. In this clip, she laments that it’s all about the “number” rather than the specifics of the “good ways” or “bad ways” it’s being spent. That, however, is phony criticism. That’s something liberals in journalistic garb do all the time. She isn’t looking for a response from anyone. Is she going to ask Nancy Pelosi? No, she’s complaining to Reliable Sources (a media outlet) about how the MEDIA isn’t doing their job.

Fake. Criticism. It’s just bluster to minimize the cost. Which is why her ACTUAL objective, i.e., pretending that 3.5 trillion dollars are nickels, was so well-prepared:

“The actual cost, in terms of deficits, will be smaller than that.” She’s arguing that because they are using money to pay for it, it doesn’t cost anything. If they were deficit spending (using debt) then THAT would be spending. I would HATE to see her personal finances they must be a train wreck. And all the while the Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy just nodding along and grinning like a freak.

Rampell’s columns for WaPo are all the same theme, by the way. Covering for the Democrats massive spending while not having the slightest interest in accounting for it. Take a look at the headlines if you don’t believe me.

And what IS the 3.5 for? WHO KNOWS!

What a farce.



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