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WATCH: Police Officer Threatens To ARREST Man For Wearing MAGA Hat — ‘Take It Off Or Go To Jail!’

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A video on TikTok and Twitter has gone viral, showing a man about to be arrested for the great crime of wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

In the video, an unidentified man is told by a police officer that if he continues to wear a MAGA hat, he would be arrested and finger printed.

The man then asked if he would be arrested for wearing his MAGA hat, to which the police officer swiftly replied, “yes.”

What kind of insanity are we living under now? Have we turned in to Communist China? How is there any justification for a man being threatened with arrest for simply wearing a hat supporting a former President? The man appeared to be simply expressing his right under the First Amendment to make symbolic statements.

But this is Biden’s America.

All throughout 2016-2021 if anyone was to wear a MAGA hat in any liberal city then they would be immediately targeted.

There has been hundreds of assault cases that stemmed from a far-left radical attacking someone wearing A MAGA hat in public.

Even Kanye West received major backlash for wearing a MAGA hat in the Oval Office:

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