Sleepy Joe’s Handlers Are PISSED After He Gets Hilariously Trolled By MAGA-Hat Wearing Kids At Public Appearance (PHOTOS)

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Over the weekend, a group of very young Trump supporters epicly trolled Joe Biden in Shanksville, PA, leaving his handlers fuming with anger.

Joe posed for a photo with the kids, completely oblivious to the fact that they were dressed in pro-Trump garb.

The children are shown in the snap smiling broadly, with several of them burst out laughing at Joe’s complete lack of awareness.

Here’s another angle: reports: Here’s what some people said about the photo online:

“Holy crap, these little shits are the best trolls”

“They all have “shit-eating” grins”

“Gotta love those hats LOL” 

“Is it sad that I was just looking for his hand to be inappropriately placed on a child?”

“81 mil votes and you couldn’t find one supporter for photo op”

“Yeah, I was expecting to be angered by creepy, inappropriate touching. Didn’t even notice the other stuff.”

“He wanted to sniff them but the hats were in the way”

“The hats and the shirt!!!!! Lol”

“Joe had no clue. the guy doesn’t even know what his wife looks like” 

“great troll kids, you did us all proud” 

I’ll tell you what, those kids have some amazing parents, that’s for sure.

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