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WATCH: Jim Jordan Spills The Beans On A Big Announcement From Trump “Any Day Now”

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Jim Jordan told Lauren Windsor last night that Trump is not just running for president, but will declare his candidacy “any day now”:

That’s pretty big news.

But Jordon’s spox clarified that he never told Winsor that Trump would be announcing soon:

Fast forward to today and Windsor has now released the video of Jordan’s comments:

To be honest, I believe Jordan’s spox is correct. Jordan did add, “He’s about to announce after all of this craziness in Afghanistan…”, but I don’t believe he meant it literally. I take that to suggest that Trump is itching to do something because of how terribly Biden wrecked Afghanistan, not that he’ll do so “any day now.”

Jordan’s confirmation that Trump is running is significant, claiming that he knows it’s genuine because he just spoke with Trump about it yesterday. Jordan, on the other hand, probably didn’t expect anyone to record him saying it.



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