Pregnant American Woman Trapped In Afghanistan Brutally Kicked In Stomach By Taliban — Forced Into Hiding

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A pregnant American woman from California was severely stomped and kicked in the stomach by Taliban terrorists and driven into hiding after being stranded in Afghanistan by President Biden.

The woman, who goes by the name ‘Nasria,’ was forced to flee to Kabul after being stopped by the Taliban at one of their checkpoints en route to the airport, where she was attempting to flee with her husband. After being prevented, she was repeatedly and violently kicked in the stomach in front of her husband. reports: The couple is amongst Americans — whom the administration is unable to number — who were stranded in the county after the last of the U.S. troops left the country and stopped transporting evacuees out.

The Americans are left there despite President Joe Biden’s promise to make sure all Americans were out by the deadline set by him and accepted by the jihadist group.

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa has been working on trying to get Nasria and her husband out of the country. On Tuesday, he made an appearance on Fox News’s morning show Fox & Friends, where he described what Nasria was going through based on their communication.

“She was kicked in the stomach, but she was kicked in the stomach well after – as she got through the first checkpoint for hours, waiting for those people at the south point to supposedly come and get her,” Issa said.

According to the report, the couple never made it onto one of the evacuation flights; before the C-17 left, there were no American civilians on the last five flights to leave.

“It wasn’t until it was clear they had closed, they weren’t taking anyone else for quite awhile, that finally, she accepted that she was going to have to go back and hide in her apartment,” the congressman added.

Issa said the woman made “multiple trips” to the airport.

He said, “We’ve agreed that she’s going to stay sheltered in place, hiding her identity and hoping that her friends will continue to bring her food and keep her secret until frankly, we can come up with something new.”

While addressing the nation on Tuesday, Biden admitted that he was leaving ten percent of Americans, who the United States intended to evacuate, in the country now controlled by a jihadist organization.

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