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WATCH: Taliban Now Using America’s Black Hawk Helicopters For Public Executions In The Skies Over Afghanistan

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The Taliban is seemingly parading their new air force gifts from Biden in the skies over Afghanistan, with video online purporting to show US-made Black Hawk helicopters flying over the streets of Kandahar.

A video posted by the Taliban shows a man hanging from a Black Hawk helicopter as the Taliban flies over Kandahar:

I can’t imagine this could be anything other than a public execution by the Taliban. Why else would you hang a man from a helicopter like this? But I’m open to suggestions otherwise.

One photo makes it look like the man is still alive:

Here’s a different angle on the video:

As the Biden administration assesses the amount of equipment left in Afghanistan, the Taliban has been trolling the US by posing in American uniforms and high-tech gear like night vision goggles while driving around in armored Humvees.

The Afghan air force was operating 167 “usable / In-country” aircraft as recently as June, according to the US-based Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction quarterly report.

Reporter suggests it is a former “Afghan Air Force”, and I think he’s referring to the man hanging from the helicopter and not the helicopter itself:

Whatever the case, this is Biden’s Afghanistan, the one he’s passing on to the next president. Ugh.

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