WATCH: White House Cuts Biden’s Audio Feed So He Couldn’t Answer Questions About Afghanistan Debacle

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Apparently, President Biden forgot to walk away from the podium during a press conference on Wednesday and allowed the press pool to lob questions at him.  The White House, however, was quick to react and abruptly cut off his audio feed before he could answer any questions.

As he wrapped up a meeting on cybersecurity in the State Dining Room, Biden dismissed the press asking them to leave.

“I thank the press for being here, but I’m going to go private now,” the president concluded.

Then as reporters started asking questions, the audio feed was cut

Breitbart reports: NBC News reporter Peter Alexander wrote on social media that he asked Biden what he would do if Americans were still in Afghanistan after the August 31 withdrawal deadline.

“You’ll be the first person I call,” Biden replied sarcastically.

Media cameras at the event, which are not controlled by the White House, kept the footage rolling, showing Biden’s response.

The White House appears to be frustrated by video footage going viral online of Biden leaving the room after delivering speeches without taking questions from reporters in the room.

The Republican National Committee is frequently sharing footage of Biden walking away from shouting reporters, suggesting he is callously ignoring Americans still stranded in Afghanistan.

Republicans have accused the White House of trying to protect the president according to Fox News

Regarding the Afghanistan question, Former chief of staff Josh Holmes tweeted, “The White House cuts the President’s microphone. Pretty remarkable.”

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