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LISTEN: Heartbreaking Audio Of American Woman Stranded In Afghanistan, Crying And PLEADING For Help

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Heartbreaking audio was released over the weekend of a woman in Afghanistan who has tried to get to the airport several times and is trapped. She’s scared, crying, and begging for Biden to send someone to help her:

This is the longer version:

The woman said every time a car passes by the place where she’s staying, she’s worried that the car will stop and the Taliban will get out and execute her because she’s American. In a sobbing voice, she says she’s worried she will never be able to see her children again.

Meanwhile, Biden won’t let our troops go into the city of Kabul to rescue people like this woman. But he keeps saying they’ll bring home everyone who wants to come home. Well this woman wants to come home, desperately, but she can’t get to the airport because of the chaos and mayhem that Biden allowed to happen.

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