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Australian Police Are Brutally Beating People In The Streets.. ‘Worse Than The Taliban’

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Australian citizens are being viciously assaulted by police for simply walking down the street in protest of the government’s strict lockdown restrictions.

This is worse than the treatment people in Afghanistan experience at the hands of the Taliban.

The state governments within Australia are so hellbent on ridding the country of the virus, that they are employing the most extreme restrictions possible and issuing barbaric punishments for those who protests the measures.

Thousands of Australians have been arrested, jailed and fined, with thousands more brutally beaten in the streets in the name of public health. reports: Last week New Zealand locked down the entire country over one case of COVID.  48 hours into the mandated four day lockdown and they had 21 new cases, so they extended the ‘stage 4’ lockdown another four days.  In Australia you are not permitted to travel between cities at all and there are checkpoints set up to catch people.

An animal rescue shelter in New South Wales shot all their dogs dead, literally killed them, simply because they were fearful another animal rescue team from out of the area would travel to save the animals. So they killed them all?  A “rescue shelter”, the absurd irony is jaw-dropping.

Long-haul truck drivers are not permitted to stop and eat, or shower, or rest outside their vehicles by orders of the government.  That type of public policy is just insane.  How are essential foods and medicines expected to get distributed if truck drivers cannot safely operate?  Is there not one high profile national political figure who will stand and call attention to the abject insanity of what they are doing?

Making matters worse, it seems like the entire institutional media in both New Zealand and Australia are supporting the totalitarian effort of the government to fight against the citizens.  The propaganda of fear is stunning.

Common sense has been totally thrown out the window, as people are forbidden from leaving their homes, talking to neighbors or even passing people in the streets.  They have been locked-down for months, as the government fist around their neck gets tighter and tighter in this dystopian proclamation that what they are doing is for the common good of society.

60 people were arrested today for having an unauthorized prayer service at church.   The jackboots stormed the venue and arrested everyone inside. Good grief, humanity needs fellowship and human contact.  It’s no wonder why people have taken to the streets in growing numbers despite the threats, arrests, beatings and fines.  What practical good is your life if you cannot live it?

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