WATCH: CNN Reporter In Afghanistan Covering Biden’s Disaster Says Not One Person Has Been Evacuated In 8 Hours — Kabul Is In Chaos

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The CNN reporter in Kabul, Afghanistan, Clarissa Ward, reported today there hasn’t been any Americans, aside from troops, evacuated in the last 8 hours. She said by not evacuating our people out it’s making a bad situation with bottlenecks that are already there much worse:

This same reporter is also explaining that people on the ground in Kabul are asking why Biden didn’t start getting people out sooner, why wait until the Taliban took over to start evacuating people when the US knew it was leaving:

Yeah, that’s exactly what everyone is wondering.

Here’s another clip from Ward where she’s describing the horrible conditions there, saying that there had to be a better way of doing this than this failure:

Biden will be giving a speech around 1pm today to tell us how everything there is going according to plan and this is the greatest evacuation in the history of America.

UPDATE: Here’s more from Ward describing the incompetence of the Biden administration:



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