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WATCH: Afghan Woman TRASHES Joe Biden — ‘You Are On Vacation While Our Country Is Burning… You Call Yourself A President?’

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This week, an Afghan woman slammed Biden for allowing the Taliban to take over the country. She claims Biden has devastated not only Afghanistan, but the entire world:

This woman makes the very point that everyone here with only common sense understands:

Biden, listen to me carefully. You destroyed not Afghanistan but the world! Taliban are best friends with Al Qaeda and ISIS. All they’re going to do [is] use our land to build, our resources to build and to destroy the world!

You, you, you right now are on vacation and our country was burning and bleeding to death while you’re on vacation. And you call yourself a president?!?

Damn. I don’t think I could have made the point any better.

This is precisely what Stephanopoulos was pointing to when he asked Biden how he plans to explain to the American people how, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Afghanistan is once again under Taliban rule, just as it was when we were attacked. Of course, Biden dismissed the question’s premise, but he is completely incorrect. This woman is correct, and her sobs should break his heart.



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