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“Trump Supporter” Who Threatened To Bomb US Capitol Confesses That US Military ‘Chose’ Him To Stage False Flag.. And Even Built His Bomb

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On Thursday, the US Capitol was placed on lockdown while police negotiated with a man in a pickup truck who claimed to have a bomb, demanded to speak with Joe Biden, and demanded airstrikes in Afghanistan to ‘kick the Taliban’s a**.’

After a five-hour confrontation, Ray Roseberry, 49, of North Carolina, eventually surrendered to authorities.

Roseberry, the mentally disabled “patsy” behind the conveniently timed bomb threat to the Capitol, asserted repeatedly during a Facebook livestream that someone “in the military” constructed the (inoperable) “bombs” he was threatening to detonate, and that he was “chosen” to “talk” on behalf of those military experts.

Roseberry’s 30-minute Facebook broadcast was assembled into a damning set of recordings by Twitter user AbcdentMinded, revealing that he is just the latest mentally ill person who undercover FBI agents decided to entrap for political advantage.

“Great news gang,” AbcdentMinded said, “remember that rambling guy who said he’d been given a bomb and ‘chosen’ for his mission, who had a vague impression of multiple other accomplices hiding nearby with bombs of their own? They got him! And it wasn’t a bomb after all. The counter-terrorists win ???.”

Congress and the president were never under any threat because Congress is on break and Roseberry’s “bomb” was inoperable.

Here’s AbcdentMinded’s full thread:

No one is buying this BS.

Because Roseberry is mentally disabled, his ramblings made him sound like a schizophrenic neocon rather than a fed up everyday American patriot (see: “white extremist“) as the FBI likely intended.

In the course of his 30 minute rant, Roseberry went from saying how he supports mass immigration of “black, white, lesbian, gay, LGBT” people to calling for immediate “airstrikes in Afghanistan” to “kick the Taliban’s a** and stop them from killing people.”

You can read his full 30-minute rambling on The Daily Mail.

Just to break down the most likely scenario here: the FBI had their undercover agents target and entrap yet another mentally ill man (they absolutely love using mentally ill/mentally disabled people as patsies) — probably after seeing him shooting his mouth off on Facebook — by convincing him that he was the point-man for a patriot “revolution” and the military had his back and set up “bombs” around the Capitol so they would explode if he was shot.

The FBI provided him with explosive materials and a fake “bomb” that couldn’t detonate so he could get life in prison and be put away forever with no one ever hearing his real story.

The “four other bombs” his “military” handlers told him they set up around the Capitol didn’t even exist and the “bomb” they gave him was inoperable.

“No bomb was found in his car, although officials said they did discover materials that could be used to make explosives,” The Washington Post reported Thursday. “Law enforcement officials said Thursday afternoon that they had no indications Roseberry was acting with accomplices.”

The conveniently-timed 2018 pre-midterms “Trump superfan” Cesar Sayoc incident has tons of parallels to this case. Same goes for the pre-2020 election allegedly FBI-organized “Whitmer kidnapping plot.”

The regime is desperate to advance their “white extremist” narrative because no one is taking the bait and Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting.

American patriots and nationalists are fired up politically, making waves at local school board meetings and are getting around Big Tech’s censorship with new platforms like Telegram and Gab.

Meanwhile, the regime is losing all legitimacy and the phony “Whitmer kidnapping plot” the FBI allegedly organized from the very beginning in Michigan is getting exposed.

Staging events like this is the FBI’s number one tool in their toolbox and it appears they’re making use of it once again!

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