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WATCH: U.S. Army Vet LOSES IT On MSNBC About Biden’s Afghanistan Remarks — ‘I Feel Like I Watched A Different Speech That You Guys… I Was Appalled!’

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MSNBC host Lyin’ Brian Williams begins an interview with a US Army Veteran by applauding Biden’s “significant” statement, adding that he didn’t run away from it and that he took responsibility for his decision to leave Afghanistan.

However, US Army veteran Matt Zeller responded by claiming that he must have witnessed a different speech than the rest of the host and his MSNBC counterparts and then proceeded to rip apart Biden’s remarks:

Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t cut Zeller’s mic after he began shredding Biden’s lies.

Zeller starts out slamming Biden for claiming they planned for every contingency, noting that he personally told them this was coming and has been telling this administration how to evacuate the Afghans who assisted our military. But he says Biden didn’t plan to get them out and are only doing this now at the 11th hour after everything has fallen completely apart.

Zeller also skewered Biden for blaming the Afghan military, saying:

“Do you know how many casualties the Afghan military took in an average year? More than the United States did in twenty. When you’re not getting paid on a regular basis, when you’re not getting fuel, when no one is supplying you with ammunition, and yet you’re still showing up to the fight? How dare us for having to blame these people for not having the audacity to be able to survive a Taliban onslaught. No no no, what we need to be doing right now and what I’m appalled that the president didn’t say was we need to be talking about how we’re going to get every single one of these people out.”

Wow. I’d love to have seen Williams’ face while he was saying all of that.

I’m glad MSNBC viewers at least got to hear the hard truth about Biden’s speech from at least one honest broker…

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