WATCH: Iranian Christian CRUSHES Maryland School Board For FORCING Children To Use ‘Preferred Pronouns’ And You Just Have To See It

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An Iranian Christian challenged the Loudoun County school board this week about the mandatory use of so-called ‘preferred’ pronouns on pupils and it was nothing short of epic.

This enraged Iranian parent starts by telling the school board that they may believe they’re woke, but he’s going to wake them up a little bit more.

He goes on to say that he and his family are members of the country’s minority of minorities, noting that he is Chaldean and his wife is Armenian. He claims that his relatives have survived massacres in the past, and he is furious that school officials are instilling ideology in his children.

He claims that even if the ayatollahs and the administration wanted it, teachers in Iran would not allow schoolchildren to be indoctrinated. He claimed that they fulfilled their job of teaching curriculum and that they did not force propaganda down the children’s throats.

But here, he says, we have ‘social justice warrior so-called teachers’ trying to shove their ‘garbage ideology’ down student’s throats.

He specifically calls them out for the use of pronouns, and says if they want keep going with that, he’ll demand that they address his children as ‘king’ and ‘queen’ and that they should address him as ‘master’. He asked “you want that pronoun to be in your mouth when you look at me?”

This is absolutely brilliant. Just watch:



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