WATCH: AOC Caught Using Facemask As Prop For Photo-Op… IMMEDIATELY Takes It Off While Still In Large Group

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Remember in the summer of 2019 when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got called out for faking tears for a photo-op at a migrant housing facility? It turned out that she couldn’t even see the children and the photos were completely staged.

Of course we know she’s a fraud now given the fact that she no longer cares about the migrant kids in cages under the Biden administration.

Well, it looks like she’s at it again.

Both AOC and Ed Markey don their facemasks for a photo op during a sit-in yesterday at the Capitol, but immediately take them off when photo op is over despite hysteria about the delta variant:

AOC is clearly not wearing one as she sits shoulder to shoulder with activists all around her, but quickly puts it on before the photo op. Markey has his on already, but as soon as the photo op is over, he pulls his down below his chin as he sits shoulder to shoulder wit the same activists. A minute later, AOC takes hers completely off.

This is just more evidence that even Democrats don’t really want to wear masks and don’t really believe in them, despite the ongoing attacks on DeSantis and Abbott for refusing to issue mask mandates. But they will certainly virtue signal by putting them on for photos!



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