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WATCH: Military Insider Warns Global Extinction Level Event Is Approaching — “Globalists Are Trying To Cull the Human Population”

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Insiders in the U.S. military are warning that a worldwide extinction event is approaching, and that globalists are aiming to cull the population before people realize what is about to happen.

This according to broadcaster and former U.S. intelligence analyzer, John Moore, who sources many high levels contact within the U.S. Navy, the ‘globalists’, says Moore, are ‘buying up vast amounts of food, electronics, firearms, ammunition, communications gear, etc., in preparation for a catastrophic event that will wipe out billions.’ reports: The event that John Moore refers to is a “tenth planet” fly-by where a, dark large planetary mass (that can only be seen with infra-red telescopes) passes near Earth’s orbital plane around the sun. The gravitational effects alone, warned former top Navy scientists, will cause cataclysmic Earth changes consisting of unprecedented earthquakes, volcanoes and even a “pole shift” that will reportedly reorient the physical polar axis of the planet (not just the magnetic poles), thereby shifting the equator and unleashing unimaginable ocean “slosh” that will inundate coastal areas on every continent.

The coming events have been known since at least 1979, Moore explains, and the governments of the world have kept this secret from the public in order to keep society running until the very last day before the cataclysm arrives. On that day, global winds will be sustained at 200 mph for a full day, Moore explains, destroying nearly all human-built structures which are above ground. Only below-ground structures and concrete-and-steel reinforced above-ground structures stand a chance of surviving the winds.

Once you survive the winds, your next challenge will be surviving the complete collapse of human civilization, as there will be no functioning farms, power grids, internet, transportation infrastructure, fuel refineries, etc. There may not even be enough people to decommission the hundreds of nuclear power plants that are scattered across the planet, raising huge questions about what happens if they lose cooling capability and plunge into criticality.

Watch the full interview here, which also includes a map of the water inundation that’s predicted to occur in the continental United States:

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