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WATCH: Ted Cruz Absolutely DESTROYS Nancy Pelosi on Senate Floor Over Her Mask Mandate — ‘She’s Drunk On Power!’

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Ted Cruz gave a great speech today on the Senate Floor calling out Pelosi for being “drunk on power” with her mask mandate edict today.


Cruz says Pelosi started out fining members who dared to not wear a mask on the House floor, asking “who the hell is she to be fining members of the House?”

He continued blasting her new policy today:

But you know what? She’s not done with that. She’s not done with disrespecting our Constitution, disrespecting our Democratic system that elects leaders. She goes further to the good men and women who work in the US Capitol. We are surrounded by men and women who have chosen to come and work for the public good.

And here’s what Speaker Pelosi has decreed. If you dare walk in the halway without a mask, I, Speaker Pelosi will arrest you; I will put you in jail; I will fine you.

That is an absolutely and complete abuse of power.

Cruz goes on to say she doesn’t have the authority to do this and that she’s only doing it for political theatre.

There’s even more in this full clip of his speech below:



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