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Senior ICE Official RESIGNS Over Biden’s Insane Border Policies — Tom Homan Says They Would ALL Quit Today If They Could

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A high level ICE official is resigning after thirty years of service over Biden’s border policies. In an email, which was quoted on Fox News, the ICE official said to his colleagues:

“…To fight and argue everyday about not arresting or releasing horrible criminal aliens to the street, quite frankly is disgusting…”

Tom Homan, who used to run ICE under Trump, received the email and told Fox News that this senior level official runs a large field office with several hundred agents working for him and he’s quitting because he’s not allowed to let agents do their job.

Here’s the full interview with Homan:

Homan said these ICE agents aren’t allowed to arrest illegal aliens anymore, even if an immigration judge orders them removed from the country. He said ICE can’t touch them unless they are convicted of a serious crime:

We had a case where a guy was convicted of a DUI four times – FOUR TIMES. He was ordered removed by an immigration judge. When he got out of jail, ICE had to drop the detainer because he’s no longer a ‘priority’. You have to be convicted of a serious, serious crime or ICE can’t touch you. You can’t enforce immigration law under the Biden administration.

Homan said he’s talked to nearly all of the 24 field office directors across the nation and said they’d all quit if they could, noting that many of them have mortgages and children in college. He said they’re all miserable and the morale of ICE is destroyed.

Now if this were happening under the Trump administration, this officer would get interviews on all the major networks in order to trash Trump and probably hired by CNN or MSNBC. But since this is under Biden, you won’t hear anything about this from the garbage news media. Except for places like Fox News and, of course, The Right Scoop.



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