WATCH: GOP Traitor Adam Kinzinger Starts Crying Like A Girl During Pelosi’s Jan. 6th Hearing

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The RINO clown that is Adam Kinzinger actually started crying in the hearing this morning on the Capitol riot:

Ugh. I’m sure Pelosi was so happy to see this, as it’s exactly what she wants.

As I’ve said a hundred times, the Capitol riot was wrong and never should have happened. But a riot is all it was. Not an insurrection. Not a coup.

But here is the same clown actually calling it a coup and claiming that’s what makes it worse than the BLM riots last year:

Pelosi has Kinzinger wrapped right around her finger. She falsely claimed it was an armed insurrection and now he’s calling it a coup. Boy, this must be the first ever coup where the invading force didn’t have guns or weapons of any sort.

Geez, these people are imbeciles.



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