WATCH: Hunter Biden Accidentally Records Himself Smoking Crack On Video While Crying To His Dead Brother’s Wife About Rehab

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A newly leaked video from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” has been released showing Hunter smoking crack while complaining about rehab to his ailing brother’s widow, Hallie Biden. The entire thing appearing to be unknowingly caught on camera.

In the video, Hunter Biden looked more like a crackhead than the son of a current president. And we can clearly see why.

A newly unearthed video appears to show President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, smoking while purportedly taking to Hallie Biden.

The video, which was posted on TikTok, shows Biden seemingly arguing over the phone with Hallie, his former sister-in-law, and widow of his late older brother, Beau Biden. Hunter Biden dated Hallie in 2017, two years after Beau died from brain cancer at age 46.

According to their conversation, Biden took issue with Hallie calling him soon after New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd published an article about him or his family.


“I think we should discuss that while you’re there,” Hallie said to Hunter Biden.

“O.K., but why did you call at nine o’clock in the morning to tell me that?” Biden questioned. “On the morning that Maureen Dowd article came out…”

Hallie then went after Biden for attacking her, saying she “didn’t know about Maureen Dowd” and she thought he “would be a bit more humble.”

“Well you did before you started to talking to me,” Biden said. “I did not attack you.”

“Apparently, I was wrong and it pissed me off,” Hallie responded.

“I didn’t attack you,” Biden said once again.

“You said I’m gonna use against you,” Hallie insisted.

“No, I said to you, I don’t want to give you information about this program because I’m afraid that you’ll use it against me as not being enough.”

“I can’t keep talking. We’re gonna go round and round in circles” Hallie said.

“I’m not arguing Hallie, I’m asking,” Hunter said.

“O.K. I don’t know, I think we should schedule a visit and we’ll talk with a therapist. I‘m not going to continue to argue and I don’t want to talk and make things worse,” Hallie stated.

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