WATCH: This Is How Bad California Has Gotten

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Adam Carolla posted a video of two brazen thieves robbing a clothing store in front of everyone, not even hiding their faces, knowing they will easily get away with it:

Carolla doesn’t tell us what city it’s in but if I had to guess, it’s likely San Francisco, where police have been told not to show up for misdemeanors like this.

Wherever it happened it’s truly disgusting, but Carolla puts the blame exactly where it should be, on those Californians who voted for this ridiculous policy.

Remember, this was a referendum on the ballot back in 2014 in which Californians themselves voted it in by a strong majority. It was, however, supported by Democrats and the ACLU.

Now thieves can just brazenly walk into a store and steal all they want as long as it doesn’t cost more than $950, and they know they won’t even be charged in some cities.

Which, as my title suggests, is why the state desperately needs someone like Larry Elder to try and undo this madness. I hope he wins his lawsuit and gets on the ballot because he would be a great governor of the state.



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