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KARMA: US Women’s Soccer Takes A Knee Before Tokyo Olympics Game… Then Proceeds To LOSE BADLY

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The US women’s soccer team, which pretty much all of us have come to hate at this point, pulled their anti-American antics again by kneeling during the national anthem before a match at the Tokyo Olympics yesterday.  Maybe they should have put a little more effort into their actual job instead of attention-seeking, however, as they were then stunned in a loss to a fifth-ranked team.

DAILY WIRE – The U.S. women’s soccer team took a devastating 3-0 loss to Sweden early Wednesday morning in their Tokyo Olympic opener, breaking their 44-game winning streak.

All 22 players on Team USA took a knee in solidarity with the radical leftist group Black Lives Matter before the game, a major point of contention with U.S. fans.

U.S. came into the Tokyo Games with the number one ranking in the world. Sweden is ranked fifth in the world and notably knocked out Team USA on penalty kicks in the 2016 Olympics in the quarterfinals.

The two teams last paired off in April, which resulted in a 1-1 draw, the only game the U.S. women had not won since January 2019.

Unfortunately, the women aren’t out yet. They play their next game of the tournament on Saturday:

They weren’t the only team to kneel before the game, but they are the only ones that matter to us here. Just as I hated it in football, I hate it even more on the Olympic world stage.

So in a nutshell, I’m very glad the women lost and I hope they get their asses handed to them again on Saturday. I don’t care who beats them, as long as they lose and lose badly. The quicker they get off the Olympic stage, the better.



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