WATCH: Women Carjacked While Going Shopping At Mall In Out Of Control San Francisco — All Caught On Camera

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Two women who were going to return a pair of jeans at a shopping mall in the San Francisco Bay Area were filmed getting carjacked by a group of thugs in broad daylight on Monday.

This is the new normal in the Progressive utopia of San Francisco.  Also coming to a city near you if they get their way.

From KGO-TV’s Dion Lim:

KRON-4 reported last month that carjackings are up 750% in San Francisco’s tourist hot spots.

Lim has been sharing videos of crimes taking place all over California:

Isn’t it interesting how the controlled media dropped the whole “Stop Asian Hate” meme because video after video only served to undermine their phony narratives?

Ask yourself, do these people look like they’re living in constant fear of “racist white police” who could kill them at any moment just for the color of their skin?

Who was it who said “super predators,” again?

Remember folks, the greatest threat to America is “white extremists!”

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