BREAKING: New Horrific Videos Released Show Collapse Of 12-Story Condo In Miami Beach As Search For Survivors Continues

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A 12-story condo in Miami Beach partially fell overnight, most likely while people were sleeping. Rescue attempts are ongoing, and one person has died, two others have been brought to the hospital, and eleven others have been treated on the spot. [UPDATE: 35 people have been recovered from the rubble thus far, according to the news below.]

“7News has obtained surveillance video of the moment the Champlain Towers South Condo collapsed in Surfside early this morning,” according to 7News. 35 people were rescued from the fallen structure, according to a fire officer. Search and rescue operations are still underway.”

 Here’s some early reporting on the collapse from WFTX:

And USA Today:

WFTX also brought on someone to discuss how this could possibly happen:

There was a 5-year-old boy who was rescued alive from the rubble this morning:



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