WATCH: Tucker Exposes Scientists Who Are Pushing ‘Human Engineering’ To ‘Solve’ Climate Change

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Tucker Carlson began his show last night by revealing how scientists are promoting the use of “human engineering” to address supposed challenges such as climate change.

The video here begins with a discussion on Google and Peter Daszak, but after five minutes, the ‘human engineering’ revaluation begins:

The publication of these videos from the 2016 World Science Festival on Twitter last night drew my attention to this. They’re the same videos about ‘human engineering’ that Tucker mentioned above, so if you’re in a rush, you can watch them below.

The first is a proposal by bioethicist S. Matthew Liao to utilize “human engineering” to make individuals “allergic” to meat in order to address Climate Change given the claim that ‘too many people eat red meat’:

He also advises that they figure out a way to make humans ‘shorter,’ so that each individual consumes less energy and generates less CO2:

Again, this is from a five-year-old discussion. Who knows whether somebody is truly attempting to bring this about.

Liao began receiving a lot of what he refers to as “fan mail” after Tucker aired this last night:

Perhaps, but given that he stated that people are too weak-willed to give up juicy steaks, that was implied in his advice. So, let’s invent a technique for humans to vomit when they see steak! That’ll put an end to the false crisis!



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