WATCH: Parents Violently Arrested After Singing National Anthem While Objecting To Critical Race Theory Being Taught To Their Children

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Several parents were violently arrested after voicing their concerns about Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught to their children in Virginia schools.

A chorus of boos rang out from a packed room of parents after the Loudoun County School Board abruptly killed public commenting last night over the mounds of criticism aimed at them for allowing CRT to be taught.

Well it turns out parents were so unhappy they began disrupting the meeting by singing the National Anthem:

Eventually the school board ended the meeting and the Loudon County sheriff’s office declared the protesting parents an unlawful assembly and told them to leave. Two parents were arrested because they wouldn’t leave.

This parent was tackled to the ground by sheriffs:

This is what happens when parents try to stop CRT crap from being taught in schools by silencing their voices. The issue for these parents is that there will not be another election for school board members for several years. They are re-elected every four years, with the most recent election taking place in 2019. All they can do now, short of recalling them, if that’s even conceivable, is keep speaking out against it and encouraging county residents to vote these board members out in 2023.



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