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Biden Does NOTHING After A Texas Family With Two Young Children Kidnapped By Mexican Cartel

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A Texas family was kidnapped by a cartel while traveling through Mexico, and the White House has remained painfully silent.

According to reports, the kidnapping of Gladys Cristina Perez Sanchez’s family was carried out by members of the Los Zetas cartel. On June 13, the mother and her two children, ages 9 and 16, were last seen alive.

The fact that all three abductees are American citizens further adds to President Biden’s deafening silence.

The family was allegedly kidnapped after they left Sabina Hidalgo, a hamlet in the Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon where Sanchez has a sick cousin.

Despite the fact that the group only had roughly 80 miles to travel before arriving at their Laredo, Texas home, they never arrived. When calls to Sanchez and the children went straight to voicemail, family members became even more concerned.

The stretch of road the family was traveling on is infamous for cartel attacks and abductions. Many other roads leading to the U.S. in Mexican border areas are also plagued by narco-bandits.

Soon after the family’s disappearance, Mexican officials in the state issued notices and began to look for the missing Americans.

While victimizing American citizens seems like a big move for low-life highway bandits, cartels are becoming much bolder in the way they conduct crime.

Earlier this month, professional cartel gunmen ambushed an ammo convoy loaded down with  7 million rounds bound for the United States. While nobody was hurt in this heist, it emboldened the narco gangs and landed the violent criminals a cache of deadly munitions.

For much of Mexico, cartel violence is ever-present.

Recently, the extortion, murder and drug trade has made its way to the north of the country as criminals prey on the masses of people migrating to the U.S. border.

Innocent families, hoping for a chance at American prosperity under a progressive Biden administration, become easy targets for human traffickers and are often left to a horrific fate in the inhospitable southwest scrublands.

As cartels take full advantage of Biden’s border crisis, the situation in the north of Mexico has become so bad that locals have a very grim attitude on traveling.

“To travel through the highways of the north of the country is to breathe death,” is the dark advice some locals give, according to a Google translation of the Spanish-language Mexican media outlet Infobae.

What’s particularly troubling about this family’s disappearance is the fact that their American citizenship was apparently no protection.

American citizens traveling abroad can generally assume that any government doing them an injustice would ultimately have to answer to the United States.

However, the non-government criminal cartels that have been empowered in northern Mexico by Biden’s leniency toward the trafficking of illegal immigrants have no need for such concern. The Biden administration’s own clear disregard for U.S. laws can’t help but inspire the same disrespect south of the border.

Ignorance is also unlikely to be a factor. The most inept of cartel thugs would have noticed right away that this family was American. Even without passports, the car was tagged with Texas plates and Sanchez likely had registration, a license or other documents with a U.S. address.

Of course, criminals south of the border are likely well aware that the current American president would sooner airlift their families to a comfortable hotel than hunt down outlaws to recover a few Texans.

With Biden apparently unable or unwilling to help victimized Americans, it seems as though it will only be a matter of time until much of Mexico is considered a no-go zone for visitors from north of the border.

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