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WATCH: Biden Claims LOTS Of People “Don’t Know What COVID Is” — Is He On Planet Earth?

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After stumbling and bumbling on his words for several moments, Joe Biden made the incredible claim that a lot of people don’t know what COVID-19 is.

This man has completely lost it.

Biden’s rambling remarks at the G7 that were full of mysterious, confusing, confused, stuttering statements, not to mention correcting himself out loud as he muttered under his breath, but at one point, he said “A lot of people may not know what COVID is.”

WHAT?? Do they think being locked inside for over a year was some kind of art installation? Did they think everybody being home and going to work by Zoom was just a … coincidence?

Or maybe he was projecting. Does HE not know? He was, after all, kept locked in his basement for most of the pandemic.




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