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WATCH: Irritated Kamala SNAPS At Univision Reporter Who Asked When She’s Going To The Border

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A clearly irritated Kamala Harris got snappy with a Univision reporter yesterday who apparently didn’t realize that’s she’s not supposed to ask Kamala about visiting the U.S-Mexico border:

I’ve seen this multiple times and, to be honest, I’m not sure what occurred here. I’m not sure if the reporter simply didn’t hear Kamala begin to answer the question, if Kamala was responding to what she heard in Spanish and didn’t wait for the translation, or if something else happened. They were in two different places, which was most likely part of the issue.

In any case, Kamala clearly lost her cool with her abrupt “I’m not finished” remark, which isn’t a good image for her. She should have merely realized there was a misunderstanding and gently resumed the conversation.

Instead, her brusque reaction seemed to indicate her disdain for being asked when she’ll be visiting the border.

“I’ve said I’m going to the border…” Yeah, prove it and go already.



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