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WATCH: Black Mother DEMOLISHES School Board For Teaching Kids Critical Race Theory

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Critical Race Theory is a toxic and racist curriculum, and it needs to end now. This is the argument not from a white parent, but from a black mother whose brilliant speech in front of her local school board was captured on video.

This mother didn’t just recycle talking points on Critical Race Theory that many have made; she spent time watching videos and understanding it before explaining to the board why it’s not just harmful for children, but itself is a racist tactic used to indoctrinate.

She specifically mentions how the curriculum divides children into different groups based on race, gender identities, and other factors, as well as teaching that certain groups are oppressed and others are oppressors. Tactics that had been used

She quotes Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous remark that people should be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, but this curriculum is the antithesis of his dream.

Critical race theory is a nightmare that must be ended immediately, she fought.

It’s absolutely brilliant so just watch the video for much more:

And, she wasn’t the only one. A mother in Colorado also invoked MLK in another passionate speech:



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