Jon Karl Calls Out The Lying Mainstream Media: They denied Covid FACTS to Remain ANTI-TRUMP

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ABC’s Martha Raddatz asked Jon Karl whether people (media) have egg on their faces over the origin of the Wuhan Covid virus. Jon Karl answered that, yes, a lot of people have egg on their faces.

That exchange it the single MOST that media has ever reflected on their own behavior in the history of the modern era. Not since the last century have they ever honestly posed such a question about their own reportage. And to be clear, it wasn’t even posed all that honestly. Raddatz practically dismissed it as meaningless while she was saying it.

“This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, Donald Trump,” said Karl. “Look, some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them.”

That’s all there is you HAVE to hear, from this clip of Jon Karl, but it’s really worth watching anyway. Notable especially in that nobody else on the panel even chimed in, including the person who asked the question.

What it shows, of course, is what we already know. They rejected anything that was said by Trump because they were reflexively anti-Trump, because reporters take sides, and the side they take is Democrats. That’s what Karl said. He didn’t say it say it, but he daggone said it.



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