James Woods SMACKS Jen Psaki After She Tries To Claim Americans Aren’t Paying More For Gas

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Gas prices are high, and there was a literal gas shortage. But it’s all totally fine according to White House spox Jen Psaki, who actually tried to argue that we’re all “paying less in real terms” for gas than we have in 15 years.

Uh, no. (By the way they are playing this game with inflation too.)

We’re paying more for gas in ACTUAL MONEY, lady. Here’s a little thing we at Scoop like to call “proof.”

Thank heavens James Woods is back on social media. I’m sure he’d prefer to be on Parler or something, but since they don’t make it searchable and it can’t be embedded it still isn’t taking major bites out of Twitter’s dominance.

Here’s another fact, btw.

Also former* President Donald Trump weighed in.

It’s the biggest travel weekend in a year and we’re all paying through the nose for it. That is Joe Biden’s America.

Whether Politifact likes it or not. (they don’t)

“Fact checkers.” That’s the one thing they don’t do.



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