REPORT: Recovered Arizona Election Data Was “Clearly Deleted” — Dominion REFUSES To Turn Over Passwords

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OAN has a report out today explaining that auditors have successfully recovered the databases full of voting data, but Maricopa County officials and Dominion still refuse to turn over the passwords to the Dominion voting machines.

It now appears the information that was allegedly deleted from election machines in Maricopa county has since been recovered.

According to Ben Cotton, the founder of one of the companies hired to carry out the audit of Maricopa’s 2020 elections.

During a hearing in the Senate on Tuesday, Cotton, founder of the digital forensics company CyFIR, a subcontractor on Senate President Karen Fann’s audit team, said he recovered the files after properly configuring the hard drive where the data was stored.

“I’ve been able to recover all of those deleted files, and I have access to that data,” Cotton said.

Cotton also says that he discovered evidence that that files were “clearly deleted”.

But OAN points out that both Dominion and Maricopa County officials are still refusing to turn over passwords to the voting machines, despite a court order earlier this year.

They also note that despite Maricopa County’s claims that they don’t have the admin password, they do have a super user password which would give the auditors all the access they need.

Watch the full report:



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