WATCH: Tim Pool Lays Out 12 Ways Biden Is DESTROYING America After Only 3.5 Months In Office

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Simply astounding. This country is on the verge of collapsing, and the people who voted for this political circus have no idea. As they’re inevitably hit with problems, they don’t understand how this could possibly be happening. After all, Biden was supposed to be their savior from the “Fascist” President Trump.

But a savior he is not.

In just three and a half months we have the following:

  • The government shrugged off a gas shortage caused by a ransomware attack.
  • Unemployment is increasing.
  • Debt is increasing.
  • Inflation is rising.
  • Goods prices are skyrocketing.
  • Political persecution
  • A massive border crisis is brewing.
  • Our geopolitical adversaries have slammed us and labeled us as weak and feeble.
  • Unrest in the Middle East after we were seeing improvement
  • Capitulation to a mob of racists and communists and an open and blatant mishandling of justice
  • Riots are still going on in places like Portland.
  • Racism and segregation are encouraged in the classroom

Watch as journalist and podcaster Tim Pool breaks down the ways in which Biden is killing America:

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