WATCH: Shockingly Racist Statue Unveiled In DeBlasio’s NYC To ‘Honor African Culture’ — “Whoever Made This Hates Black People”

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African culture is being celebrated today in NYC by the Smithsonian with a 25 foot-tall statue that you’ve got to see to believe:

So, just to be clear, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben were racist depictions of black people that needed to be removed and destroyed, but this 25 foot monstrosity that looks like a stereotypical racist depiction of a black person is being prominently displayed in New York City?

Great job DeBlasio and Smithsonian.

I was not expecting a statue like this and neither were many on Twitter:

There were a lot more comments of shock that I don’t want to post here because of language, but I’m sure you can imagine. Several said it looked like Don Cheadle though, LOL.

Honestly, I’m not sure I saw one single positive comment on the statue. Seriously, what were these people thinking?



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