Identities Of Victims Of Massacre At Colorado Springs Birthday Party Released As Police Chief Reveals Motive [VIDEO]

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The Colorado Springs Police Department held a press conference earlier today regarding a mass shooting that occurred on Sunday.

“My vow to you and your family is that we will continue our work to find you every answer you deserve.” -Colorado Springs Police Department Chief Vince Niski

Below is the information that was shared by the department:


Sandra Ibarra-Perez, 28-years-old

Jose Ibarra, 26-years-old

Mayra Ibarra De Perez, 33-years-old

Melvin Perez, 30-years-old

Jose Gutierrez, 21-years-old

Joana Cruz, 52-years-old


Teodoro Macias, 28-years-old

Summary of Events

When the suspect arrived, there were 10 family members present at the residence. Seven adults, and three children ages 2, 5, and 11.

We have recovered evidence showing the suspects arrival to the scene, and know he arrived alone.

The suspect entered the house and shot all six victims in quick succession, methodically, directly, and deliberately. Shortly after, the suspect shot himself.

One adult family member was able to escape the residence unharmed, as the shooting occurred.

The three children remained inside the residence during the occurrence, and were unharmed. The evidence supports the children were in close proximity to the shooting event, and to some degree witnessed what occurred.

Three additional family members, ages 16, 16, and 18 had left the residence shortly before the shooting, to retrieve an item from a neighbor. Unaware the shooting had occurred in their absence, they returned to the residence to discover what happened.  They attempted to render aid, and gave shelter to the younger children.

The police response arrived shortly thereafter, with medical units staging nearby accordingly. The first arriving officers encountered the unharmed victims and additional family members inside the residence, and moved them to safety. They identified one victim that was alive but gravely wounded (Jose Gutierrez-Cruz) inside the residence.  They received information from this victim that the suspect was still inside the residence. This information was accurate, but they were unaware the suspect was deceased. As a result, they made a tactical entry, unsure if the suspect was still active within the residence. They were able to shield the surviving victim while clearing the residence, and immediately began rendering medical assistance while continuing to clear and secure the residence.

As soon as the residence was secured, the lone surviving victim was transported to a medical facility for advanced lifesaving efforts. A secondary sweep was then conducted inside the residence with medical personnel, to check for signs of life with all the individuals who remained inside the residence.

Detectives assigned to the violent crimes section Homicide/Assault Unit were notified a short time later, and responded to assume responsibility for the ongoing investigation.


The suspect had been dating one of the victims (Sandra Ibarra) for approximately one year. The suspect was not invited to the family gathering and evidence supports that not receiving an invitation upset him.

The suspect had a history of controlling and jealous behavior toward the victim. This behavior in particular was most obvious with trying to isolate her from her family, and making efforts to prevent her from attending family events.

Suspect Criminal History

There are no prior reported domestic related occurrences between the two in local police databases. Further, police have not learned of any unreported physical altercations between the two, during the course of their one-year relationship.

Weapon Information

The firearm used was a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm semi-automatic pistol. It was purchased from a dealer (local gun store) in 2014.

The suspect did not purchase the firearm during this transaction. Follow up is being conducted to locate and interview the individual who purchased the firearm originally.  This is the only listed transaction for this firearm.

The ownership records for the life of the firearm, and how and when the suspect came to possess this firearm are unknown at this time. Investigative efforts will continue in an attempt to answer these questions.

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